VTS 2000

Automatic grading and defect inspection for poultry

Setup and function

  • 3 camera system for automatic acquisition of the carcasses:
    • front view for the determination of trade value
    • front and back view for defect inspection
  • the system is capable of analysing a carcass in less than 0.5 second (> 7200/h)
  • quality assurance based on exactly determined criterias as weight, number and size of defects
  • derivation of criterias for optimal further processing by best suitability
  • documentation of the results in a database for clearing with the breeders

zoom VTS 2000

zoom VTS 2000
analyzation of the contour
and the injuries
in the front view
zoom VTS 2000 zoom VTS 2000

Which informations are determined?

  • estimation of weight of the whole carcass
  • primal weights
  • analysis of the front view for breast blisters and other defects
  • analysis of the back view for scratches and other defects
  • proof of damages as missing wings or legs
  • derivation of sort criteria