VSS 2000

Automatic grading and classification of sheep and lamb

Setup and function

  • 2 camera system for automatic acquisition of the carcasses in the side and back view
  • online integration into the slaughter line
  • performance: 800 carcasses / hour
  • image data are evaluated with a special image processing software on a pc

zoom VSS 2000 zoom VSS 2000 zoom VSS 2000

zoom VSS 2000

Which informations are determined?

  • conformation and fat class
  • weight and yield of the most valuable cuts
  • derivation of sort criteria

How is the VSS 2000 integrated into the operation?

  • flexible data output via serial interface or NT network to the factory data system for international use or interpretation
  • reading of the carcass weight by an integrated VSS 2000-server solution
  • control of sorting systems

VSS 2000