VPS 2000

Grading, classification and sorting in pork cutting line

Setup and function

  • camera system and evaluation pc in a robust box with a "tunnel" that is positioned above the conveyer
  • automatic acquisition of the primals
  • use for middle parts, ham or belly
  • evaluation time per piece less than 1 second
  • immediate output of the results for sorting or quality assurance
  • documentation of the results in a database
  • payment of the suppliers by measured and documented quality

zoom VPS 2000

Which informations are determined?

  • lean percentage rate of the half
  • lean percentage rate of ham
  • lean percentage rate of belly
  • fat thickness of the middle (belly, chop)
  • determination of colour
  • PSE and DFD warnings
  • derivation of sort criteria
  • determination of yield grade

How is the VPS 2000 integrated into the operation?

  • flexible data output via serial interface or NT network to the plant data system for internal use or interpretation
  • control of sorting systems
  • there ist the possibility to connect the VPS 2000 with a scale

zoom VPS 2000
valuation of belly and
sorting in practice