VCS 2000

Automatic grading of pig carcasses

Setup and function

  • 3 camera system, acquisition of pig halves ham silhouette and bone side
  • online integration into the slaughter line
  • automatic measurement of the halves
  • image data are evaluated with a special image processing software on a pc

zoom VCS 2000
zoom VCS 2000

Which informations are determined?

  • weights and yields of the value determining parts as ham, chop, tender loin, belly, shoulder...
  • determination of lean percentage rate
  • type evaluation
  • fat thickness in the loin and back area
  • belly, ham and chop measures at different positions
  • derivation of sort criteria

How is the VCS 2000 integrated into the operation?

  • flexible data output via serial interface or NT network to the factory data system for internal use or interpretation
  • supplementation of already available data of other classification system (for instance hot scale and probe measurement device), with the data of the VCS 2000 system by the VCS 2000 server, immediate output of the information of trade value and carcass type
  • control of sorting systems

zoom VCS 2000 zoom VCS 2000