VBS 2000

Automatic grading and classification of beef

Setup and function

  • online integration into the slaughter line
  • automatic acquisition of the halves
  • the beef halves are positioned on an movable rest with the exterior to the camera
  • for determination of volume a stripe raster is projected on the half
  • image data is evaluated with a special image processing software on a pc

zoom VBS 2000
zoom VBS 2000

Which informations are determined?

  • conformation and fat class
  • weight and yield of the value determining big parts as round,
  • sirloin , shoulder amongst others
  • amount of meat class I, II, III
  • determination of lean percentage rate
  • lengths, widths, angles, areas and volumes
  • derivation of sort criteria

How is the VBS 2000 integrated into the operation?

  • flexible data output via serial interface or NT network to the factory data system for internal use or interpretation
  • supplementation of already available classification data, as for example carcass weight, with the data of the VBS 2000 systems by the VBS 2000 server
  • control of sorting systems

zoom VBS 2000 zoom VBS 2000 zoom VBS 2000